Children's Ministry Volunteer Guidebook 

Take 43 pages of our time-tested volunteer training and use it for your own Children's Ministry!

Do you ever wish someone would compile all of your Children's Ministry policies and procedures into one comprehensive guidebook? We have!

With this guidebook, your volunteers will learn: 

  • Logistical solutions to common Children's Ministry problems such as welcoming visitors, greeting kids, and dismissal
  • Guidelines on how large and small group bible teachers should prepare, teach, and present lessons to kids in an engaging way... while remaining biblically accurate
  • Instruction for cultivating a rich and engaging worship time for your kids (They're not worshippers in waiting, but rather uninhibited, spontaneous lovers of God)
  • How to lead children into the Kingdom by prayer, making space, and allowing God's Spirit to work
  • Which terms are confusing to kids and why they should be avoided
  • How to equip children to share God's Kingdom using a simple kid-friendly method
  • Essential information on keeping kids safe, and emergency procedures that every volunteer should know
  • A ministry covenant that outlines what moral standards you expect from your volunteers, avoiding potential problems in the future

We hope this guide saves you time and energy in training your volunteers, but most of all, we pray this resource helps you cultivate a Children's Ministry that experiences God and His Kingdom. 

Disclaimer:  (In full transparency this resource was developed through our experience using Kidzlife... a bible curriculum centered around helping kids know God. For more information on this curriculum visit

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Download this guide to help you train volunteers in everything from keeping kids safe to leading kids into God's kingdom and every logistical step along the way. 
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